Port Logistics

Icehouse Logistics handles all aspects of container Import & Export activities for its customers. Our dedicated Fleet of Prime Movers, Skel Trailers and Specialty Equipment can efficiently transport 20ft and 40ft containers 24/7 from one of our inhouse container yards. Our integrated IT platform provides up to date scheduling and delivery notifications for your peace of mind.

Through the utilisation of software platforms FreightTracker & Navman, we are able to offer our customers complete vehicle and container tracking, to ensure the clients maintain visibility at all times. This process is maintained throughout the containers journey from the port to the warehouse door.  With our full-service offering, we ensure a streamlined cost-efficient process that has the ability to manage any unexpected influx of Peak volume.  We do this via:

  • Prioritisation of Container Unpacks
  • Transparent solutions between Wharf, Rail and Warehouses
  • Streamlined scheduling through IHL internal network
  • QAP 1.3 Inspections & 4.6 Fumigations
  • Coastal Shipping Services